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Thanksgiving – The Forgotten Holiday?

I have a bone to pick with retailers and grocery stores everywhere.  This year, in particular, it seems we jumped from Halloween straight into Christmas.  Stores started playing holiday music at the beginning of November, my neighbors have their Christmas lights up, I see blowup Santas in yards, and don’t get me started on the Christmas commercials playing non-stop.  In November!

Have we forgotten Thanksgiving?  What happened to the days when Thanksgiving heralded the Christmas season?  After the turkey is eaten, dishes cleaned, and leftovers put away, we’d get ready for Black Friday and the official start of the gift giving frenzy. Now Black Friday deals appear in mid November as stores get a jump on the season. They’re robbing us of the anticipation.

Is it because there are no gifts to give at Thanksgiving?  If you’re not a grocery store, there is no money to be made? Few ways to decorate?  I can’t even find Thanksgiving or even Fall décor anymore and Thanksgiving is still days away.  Only one Thanksgiving movie? Here’s looking at you, Charlie Brown…

I’m campaigning to show Thanksgiving some respect.  Should we make it a gift giving holiday?  No.  Although you might want to check out my list of great host/hostess gifts if you’re going to friends’ or relatives homes to feast. 

I have an artificial tree that I put up every year in October after reading Ray Bradbury’s “The Halloween Tree”, then it morphs into a Thanksgiving Tree, then if we don’t get a real tree, it becomes our Christmas Tree.  3 separate holidays, 3 different trees.  It would really be a shame if I went from Halloween Tree to Christmas Tree. I’d be really sick of looking at it come November 30!

So let’s linger a little longer with the Thanksgiving Season.  What do you say?

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