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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

Ok, so it’s the last day before Christmas and…what?  You forgot to get something for Aunt Martha?  Wait, don’t panic.  Breathe, stay calm, don’t panic.  A panic driven gift is, well, rarely a good one.  Here are some places you can go to get last minute gifts, keep your sanity, and look like you planned a great gift all along.

Truck Stops & Gas Stations

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend shopping for gifts at a truck stop, gas station or convenience store.  Nothing screams “I forgot to get you a gift” more than cheap perfume or a six pack of beer.  Having said that, there are some things worth a look.  I’ve seen local jams and jellies, locally made beef jerky, maple syrups and candies. These are all wonderful, last minute gift ideas especially if you’re travelling to see friends and family.  Or you’re a truck driver. 

Drug Stores

Drug stores don’t sell just medications anymore!  You can get everything from fuzzy socks and slippers to a nice bottle of wine (if you live in an area that permits this) to the latest “As Seen on TV” item.  Put together a theme like beauty products (nail polish, shower puffs, eye mask) or movie night (popcorn, a dvd, snuggly blanket, and candy bars).  Find a spare basket or bowl, wrap it or put a bow on it and voila!  You’re a hero!


Your one stop shopping for gift cards galore!  You can get gift cards for the whole family, everything from home repair stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s to restaurants to Starbucks and more.  If you really want to make it open ended, get a Visa/Mastercard/American Express gift card.  Make sure you stop by the stationary aisle and pick up a card so you can write the heartfelt reason you’re giving this gift.  You can also add a little something to go with the gift card.  If you’re buying a Starbucks card, for instance, pick up a bag of ground coffee in the coffee aisle.  Gift card to a Mexican restaurant?  Gift it with a bag of chips and some salsa.

Ok, now remember, Christmas comes at the same time EVERY YEAR.  Next year, don’t wait so long.  Gather gifts all year and stash them away.  Make lists on your phone when you think of ideas.  Create lists and add to them on Amazon.  If you’re doing this all year, you’ll never be that person running around on Christmas Eve stressing about last minute gift ideas again!

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