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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Tough Dads

Dad. Father. Papa. Pop. Pa. Whatever you call this special man in your life, his day is coming up on June 21. I remember my Dad being the hardest person to gift because he he didn’t want much and anything he wanted, he already had. He didn’t like sports, he had no hobbies, and he wore the same three or four outfits every day. I can still picture him now, tooling around the yard in his white Hane’s t-shirt and blue Dickie’s pants.

Shortly after having a stroke, his doctor wanted him to exercise to regain his strength. He wasn’t the sort to take walks or go to the gym, but he desperately wanted to regain the strength in his legs. For Father’s Day that year, I bought him a bright red 3-wheeled bicycle with a flag on the back and a basket in front. I even put a big bow on it and presented it with a flourish. He hated it. I was crestfallen. But….the next day, I saw him circling the bike. The day after, he hoisted his leg over the seat and sat. On the third day, he pedaled out into the street. For the next 2 years, my dad could be seen on that bike riding to the store, riding around the neighborhood, and going on bike rides with me. He had his freedom back. I had anticipated a need he didn’t know he had and it worked! Of course, it could have gone the other way and the bike would have been sold at the next garage sale.

So when shopping for a Father’s Day gift, use your creativity. Anticipate his needs. Think about his wants. Here are a few ideas for every unique #Dad out there.

Cool Dads

Dads like to be reminded that they’re still cool.

Dad will be the coolest one at the wine tasting, family gathering, or BBQ this year.

Behold the world’s coolest cheese knife. 

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What Dad wouldn’t want a ring of power? Lord of the Rings fans will know exactly what power this wields. And how to use it.

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Maybe, like my husband, watching Forged in Fire is his thing. Book a private Intro to Welding class and he might just find a new hobby. Classes can also be taken online. Better yet, take an online class with Dad and then when in-person classes are available, take them together.

Chill Dads

Is Dad dreaming of that summer vacation that may or may not happen this year? Help him recreate his favorite pastime with a comfortable hammock in which he can relax in his own backyard. I like this one because he can stuff it in a sack and take it on his travels to Bora Bora after this pandemic is over.

After chillin’ in the yard, Dad can relax while the Wagyu steaks you had delivered to him are cooking on his brand new BBQ grill. He pours himself a cold one from his own personal brewsky tap or perhaps something from the latest Bourbon of the Month club. Then it’s time to head inside for a movie on Hulu or Netflix, which you (of course) gifted him because you anticipated his needs.

Man sleeping in hammock

Game Dads

Games, like Dads, come in all shapes and configurations. While the NFL may or may not be happening this year, Dad can still show up in his die-hard football gear on Sundays. Go Bucs!

There are other games too, in addition to baseball, basketball, and hockey.

Teenage Family Playing Basketball Outside Garage

How about a virtual Murder Mystery Game? Perfect for playing on Zoom with the extended family or his buds. Or games that will challenge his mind like this maze designed by Jean Claude Constantin.

*Little know fact: Roses are the official flower of Father’s Day – red roses for those who are alive and white roses for those dads who’ve passed away.