8 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Quarantine

Can’t take Mom to a Mother’s Day Brunch? Get creative! Here are a few last minute ideas that require no shipping or getting into your car.

Creative Online Classes are usually affordable, sometimes downloadable, and available whenever Mom is. Mom can learn how to make jewelry, knit, do calligraphy, journal, or draw with classes from Etsy.

Online Technology Classes – Does she want to learn how to build a website? Or design games? Maybe she just wants to get better at Excel or Quickbooks. If she’s really into coding and is thinking about a career change, she may want to check out this article on 9 Tips for Moms Learning to Code.

Cook Together – Buy her an online cooking class. Better yet, buy one for yourself (or the kids) and take it with her. Taking a class together creates even stronger family bonds.

Host a virtual gathering on Zoom or Facetime to say Happy Mother’s Day with all the siblings and/or grandchildren. You can have a virtual Mother’s Day Tea with everyone making their favorite teas and scones or cake and eating and drinking during the meeting.

Flower Delivery – There’s still time to order from local florists or companies such as Edible Arrangements for delivery by Sunday.

Food or Wine Subscriptions – Mom like wine? Then set up a monthly wine subscription service for her and let her know with your handwritten card what she can expect. Or maybe a 3 month subscription to Blue Apron or Hello Fresh so she doesn’t have to think about what’s for dinner.

Her own Personal Playlist – Does Mom subscribe to Spotify or another music streaming service? If not, then buy her a subscription and make her a playlist – all her favorites, a decade she enjoys, or songs that make you think of her

Streaming Subscription – I can’t imagine getting through this quarantine time without my Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, but if Mom hasn’t sprung for one of these services for herself, maybe now’s the time for you to gift her one.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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