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5 Gifts to Make Valentine’s Day More Fun Than….

A Box of Chocolates!

Don’t just get any old box of chocolate for your sweetheart. Try something different with this curated chocolate box of yumminess! Includes delicacies you won’t see anywhere else, like chocolate salt and chocolate covered marshmallows. “What if my Honeybear can’t have sugar?” you ask. See’s Candies has just what you’re looking for – their Sugar Free Indulgence Bundle.

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Chocolates and flowers. The ultimate Valentine’s Day duo. With so much symbolism tied to Valentine’s Day, be careful how many roses you send to your beloved. You just might be sending the wrong (or a confusing) message! If you want to send something other than the ubiquitous rose, send sunflowers. They symbolize adoration and loyalty, perhaps because of their affiliation with the Greek myth of Clytie and Apollo. The story goes that the nymph Clytie was smitten with Apollo, the gorgeous sun god. He was in love with someone else and it broke Clytie’s heart. The other gods took pity on her and turned her into a sunflower, always following Apollo’s path across the sky for eternity.

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Romantic experiences

What could be more romantic than quality time spent together? Experiences such as a champagne hot air balloon ride (as long as your sweetie isn’t afraid of heights) or a class in Restorative Contact, which is a mindfulness technique involving touch and connection with that special someone will benefit you both!

Another fun experience is couples games. Kids often play Truth or Dare. There was even a TV show by that name. But, I’ll bet you never played a game like this! Sexy Truth or Dare includes 50 sticks with a sexy truth on one side and a naughty dare on the other. Which will you choose? Does it matter?

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Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve are two of the most expensive meals you can get. And because the restaurants are packed to the gills with Romeos and Juliets, the service tends to be so-so. Instead, order a complete Valentine’s Day dinner from a famous restaurant in New York City (or Chicago or Miami) and have it shipped right to your door. A little reheating, some candles, romantic music and you’re set! No tie, no jacket, no dress, or even pants required!

Something shiny

While I love me a big honking diamond like every girl I know, there are lots of other very tasteful and let’s just say, less expensive pieces of jewelry you can buy. Remember that Valentine’s Day is full of symbolism, so this Celtic Knot necklace is perfect if your love is eternal. If your beloved likes to geek out or wants something low key (but meaningful), check out this bracelet that spells “I love you” in Morse code.

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One final note

If you’re thinking of proposing or getting married on Valentine’s Day, DON’T DO IT! First of all, it’s incredibly cliche. Second, if things don’t work out, Valentine’s Day will be forever tainted. Just enjoy the day and try not to put too much pressure on yourself to give the “perfect” gift!

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  1. Love the less typical ideas here! More of these outside-the-box ideas, please! Good advice on avoiding proposals on the day too! Looking forward to your Speinf, Easter, and Mothers Day ideas! Keep these coming! 🦁❤️🌱🌻🌳

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